Home News The automotive industry has been hit by a crisis, employers lack qualified workers

The automotive industry has been hit by a crisis, employers lack qualified workers

The automotive industry has been hit by a crisis, employers lack qualified workers

Automobile companies, but also other employers, have been drawing attention to the lack of qualified labor in Slovakia for a long time.

In the automotive industry, these are currently mainly people with electrotechnical education, whom companies need in connection with maintenance, with the care of robots or with automation and handling technology. Only Volkswagen Slovakia is looking for more than 200 such workers, the company informed on Wednesday.

“The situation on the labor market is extremely tense in the field of employing specialists for electrotechnical and electromechanical positions in the automotive industry,” said Martin Menšík, director of communications and relations at Alma Career Slovakia, which operates the www.profesia.sk portal. According to him, this is also evidenced by the interest in this work.


“While in 2023 companies searched for these positions more than 8,000 times, the average number of responses was only five job applicants,” explained Menšík.

Zlatko Uhlík, head of the HR Business Partner/Client Center department at Volkswagen Slovakia, added that the development in the automotive industry brings with it increasingly higher demands for qualified labor.


Among other things, the company needs people with electrical engineering education for the so-called revitalizing and adjusting the functionality of manufactured vehicles, which are increasingly sophisticated and more demanding in terms of software.

However, the Bratislava carmaker does not just wait for the labor market to offer and invests in the education of the workforce itself.

According to the general secretary of the Association of Industrial Unions and Transport, Andrej Lasz, Volkswagen and its Dual Academy can boast the status of a supra-corporate education center for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation. “We have only two such centers in Slovakia, and the Dual Academy was the first of them,” recalled Lasz.

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