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The authorities will not let you know about Palestine

The authorities will not let you know about Palestine

Australia ended the second day with 13 for 2 in their second innings in the Wellington Test. Usman Khawaja was unbeaten on 5 runs at one end of the wicket. The visitors went into bat at the start of the third day with a lead of 217 runs. Khawaja started playing with the same bat that he played with the previous day. But a setback occurred in the 19th over. The 37-year-old took the bat of the opener.

Khawaja wants to change the bat at this time. Team-mate Matt Renshaw, who was out of the eleven, went into the field with several bats from the Australian opener’s bag. Khawaja got into trouble with the match officials over the bat that Khawaja chose from there. Because the bat had a sticker of a ‘symbol of peace’ pigeon. Later Khawaja was forced to remove the sticker under the pressure of the umpires.

The umpires have brought into question the binding nature of ICC rules here. Because the rules say, if you want to use any clothing and equipment with any kind of message on the field, you must first get permission from the ICC. Moreover, the ICC had raised objections about the use of the ‘symbol of peace’ in Khazar.

Khawaja wanted to enter the field by writing a message of peace in the Perth Test against Pakistan last December. He practiced by writing ‘Freedom is the right of all’ and ‘All lives are equal’ on his shoes before the start of the Test. The font was in the color of the Palestinian flag. Khawaja could not play in these shoes due to ICC ban. Later, the black armband came down and fell under the glare of the ICC.

Later, in the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne, with the permission of the ICC, he wanted to put pigeon stickers on his bat and shoes. The Australian opener was not allowed there either. At that time, the uproar did not subside.

To the naked eye, it seemed to be a symbol of peace or a message of human rights, but the ICC considered Khaja’s message to be political. There are many reasons for this. Originally, the Australian cricketer wanted to do these things on the cricket field to draw the attention of the world to protest against the massacre of children and genocide by Israel in Gaza, Palestine. But ICC says, writing any message about ‘Politics, Religion and Race’ is not in ICC rules. So he could not play with this sticker.

Two months later, Khawaja brought back the same memory in Wellington. Although forced to remove the sticker later. Couldn’t stay on the wicket for long with the new bat. Khawaja was bowled by Glenn Phillips for a personal 28 runs. In this innings, Phillips took 5 wickets for the first time in his Test career. Australia was bowled out for just 164 runs in the second innings.

The host New Zealand’s target for victory is 369 runs. For this purpose, the Kiwis scored 111 runs after losing 3 wickets in the rest of the day. Nathan Lion’s spin saw three top-order batsmen return to the fold for 53 runs. Much to New Zealand’s relief, no further wickets were lost thereafter. Rachin Barindra finished the day unbeaten on 56 runs. At the other end, Darryl Mitchell is unbeaten on 12 runs.