Home News The authorities explained the reason for the delay in rescuing the sunken ferry Rajnigandha

The authorities explained the reason for the delay in rescuing the sunken ferry Rajnigandha

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BIWTA said it took time to rescue the sunken ferry at Paturia in Manikganj due to adverse weather conditions and not being able to carry out the operation as per the plan. And the BIWTC is saying to investigate whether there is any negligence in the sinking of the ferry. Despite the delay in ferry rescue, both organizations claim that there is no lack of coordination in their work.

On January 17, at 8:30 in the morning, the ferry Rajnigandha sank with nine vehicles anchored near Paturia No. 5 Ferry Wharf in Manikganj.

Ships Hamza, Rustam, Pratyaya and Jhenai-1 joined in the rescue of the ferry one by one. The sinking ferry was rescued on the eighth day of the operation on January 24. Earlier, 9 vehicles were recovered.

BIWTA blames inclement weather for the delay in ferry rescue. The chairman of the organization also said that it was not possible to carry out the operation as planned. However, he claimed that there was no coordination of work between any of the parties.

Chairman of the organization Arif Ahmed Mostafa said, ‘We could not do as planned. We did the air first, the air first if it had been lifted we could have done it in time. But I could not do that at first due to various reasons. That’s why it took a little longer.’

The sunken ferry was not seriously damaged and could be used again, BIWTC said. The ferry sinking is being investigated for negligence.

Chairman of the organization AKM Matiur Rahman said, ‘If anyone is negligent in his duties, action will be taken against him. Allready who was its master was suspended. Because after a report there has to be some evidence before a person can be identified as a criminal. That’s how we move forward.’

Meanwhile, due to the delay in the rescue work, the time to submit the report of the investigation committee formed by the district administration has been extended by 7 working days.

Sanjida Jasmine, Additional District Magistrate of Manikganj said, ‘For the sake of investigation, we are not disclosing what we have found. Our work has come a long way. The reason to come here again and again is because of what we get, authentic, which is the reason we will mention in the report. There should be no fear here.’

Another investigation committee is also working on behalf of BIWTC in the incident of ferry sinking.


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