Home News The attack in Russia is part of a war with countries fighting Islam, the Islamic State said. 133 people died

The attack in Russia is part of a war with countries fighting Islam, the Islamic State said. 133 people died

The attack in Russia is part of a war with countries fighting Islam, the Islamic State said.  133 people died

The attack in Russia, in which attackers killed at least 133 people and wounded many others at a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday, is part of a war raging between Islamic State and countries fighting against Islam.

In today’s statement on the Internet, according to the Reuters agency, this terrorist organization, which claimed responsibility for the shooting already on Friday, stated this. The Islamic State then published a video on the social network in the evening, which it claims is footage from the attack.

Raging war

“The attack took place in the context of a raging war between the Islamic State and countries fighting against Islam,” the Islamic State said through its propaganda agency Amak, according to Reuters.

“The attack was carried out by four fighters of the Islamic State armed with submachine guns, pistols, knives and incendiary bombs,” the terrorist organization added in a statement.

The published video is one minute and 31 seconds long, Reuters reported. According to her, it shows a detailed view of one of the gunmen, how he starts shooting at several people when he apparently enters the concert hall.

The terrorist organization also published a photo of four people who allegedly attacked a concert hall in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, writes Reuters. Russian authorities say the four were detained in the morning while trying to reach the Ukrainian border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also hinted at the connection with Ukraine in his speech on the attack, but the Russian authorities do not comment too much on the possible involvement of the Islamic State.

Ukraine refuses to participate

Kyiv rejects any association with the event. According to one of the Russian parliamentarians, Tajik passports were found in the car in which the suspects were fleeing from Moscow. Russian media published footage of one of the detainees answering questions in Tajik.

In the shooting, the attackers killed at least 133 people and injured many others. Some Russian sources speak of up to 150 victims.

In the past, the Islamic State has also claimed responsibility for a major terrorist attack in Belgium, which took place on the same date as Friday’s attack, i.e. March 22, but eight years earlier. At that time, the Brussels airport and metro were hit, the assassinations claimed 32 lives and 340 were injured.

The United States said on Friday it had intelligence confirming that the Islamic State-Khorasan, the terrorist group’s Afghan branch, claimed responsibility for the attack.

It emerged in eastern Afghanistan in late 2014 and quickly gained a reputation as an extremely brutal group, according to Reuters. Today, the spokeswoman of the American National Security Council also called the Islamic State the sole culprit of the attack near Moscow.

Friday’s attack in Russia was a dramatic escalation, but experts say the group has been opposing Putin in recent years.

“In the last two years, the Islamic State-Khorasan has focused on Russia and often criticizes Putin in its propaganda,” pointed out Colin Clarke from the New York research group Sufan Center. Michael Kugelman of Washington’s Wilson Center said the group “sees Russia as complicit in activities that regularly oppress Muslims.” He added that the group also counts among its members a number of Central Asian fighters who have their own problems with Moscow.

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