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The amount of wealth of the former chairman of IPL will raise eyebrows

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In 2010, the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) was forced to fire Lalit Modi, the founding chairman of the IPL. Chirayu Amin was then given the responsibility of IPL chief. Amin was already known in Indian cricket.

Amin, who led the state team to a Ranji Trophy berth as president of the Baroda Cricket Association, was also the vice-president of the BCCI. After 17 months in charge, Amin stepped down from the lead role in the IPL.

According to the information provided by Forbes, the personal property of Chirayu Amin is 13 thousand 340 crore rupees!

However, cricket administration is not the main identity of Chirayu Amin, but everyone knows him as a successful pharmaceutical businessman. The 77-year-old businessman heads Alembic Pharmaceuticals and Alembic Group. The business founded by Dadar in 1907, joined in 1967 by Chirayu Amin, took him to the pinnacle of success. But in the past few years, his name has been heard more for negative reasons – being arrested for drinking or being named in the Panama Papers scandal.

According to Forbes, Chirayu Amin’s total wealth is 13 thousand 340 crore rupees on December 12. According to the price of December 12, the current value of Alembic Pharma owned by him in the stock market is 14 thousand 811 crore rupees or 19 thousand 346 crore rupees.

Amin, who served as the president of his state’s cricket association for 25 consecutive years, lost the association’s elections in 2013. However, in 2019, his son Pranab Amin won the same position and brought the Amin family back to Baroda cricket.


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