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The accused won the case after reading the law sitting in jail

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He had to go to jail for the murder of two constables 12 years ago. But he was not present at the time of the murder. However, he did not give up and studied law in prison. After going out on bail, he fought his own case and was acquitted after 12 years.

Such an incident happened in an area called Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, India. According to the Indian media Times of India, in 2011, an 18-year-old man named Amit Chowdhury was sent to prison in a false case of murder. But he was not there.

In 2011, two police constables were murdered in Meerut area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. The authorities are shaken by this. The then Chief Minister ordered to bring the culprits to justice quickly. 18-year-old Amit Chowdhury was charged. He is said to be a gangster.

But Amit Chowdhury is a farmer’s son. His dream is to join the military one day. He was not in that village at the time of the incident.

Still, Amit was arrested and sent to the notorious Muzaffarnagar Jail. The jail already had the biggest gangsters in the area. They used to carry out criminal activities from there.

Sitting in that prison, Amit decided to fight his own case. But he could not live well because of the gangsters. Everyone started trying to get him into their team. But with the jailer’s help, he gets a chance to stay in a cell, where the gangsters don’t have influence.

Amit started his studies in that prison. He started learning everything about law. He got bail after two years passed like this. He did institutional studies after leaving. After that, he became a lawyer and fought his own case.

Amit recently won that case. But some of the most important years of his life were spent in prison. Amit said, ‘No regrets about it. Now I can stand tall in the society. It’s a big find for me.’


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