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‘The accused have caused harm not only to the victim but also to the state’

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Judge Fatema Ferdous of Noakhali’s Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal-2 has commented that the accused in the gang rape case in Noakhali’s Subarnachar in 2018 on the night of the 11th National Assembly election polls have harmed not only the victim but also the state. He also commented that if such criminals are exempted, there is a lack of confidence in the judges and justice system among the people.

Observing the judgment on Monday afternoon, the judge said, “The accused in such crimes cannot get any pardon or mercy from the judge, but justice will be ensured only when they are sentenced for the actual crime and any person will completely refrain from committing such crimes or assisting in such crimes in the future.”

Highlighting this judgment as an example, the judge said, “The accused and the complainants and the victim in this case are known before.” The 16 accused as husbands of complainant and victim committed gang rape and beating of a 40 year old housewife due to prior enmity in their residence on the date stated in the complaint and committed extremely inhuman and heinous crime.

The confessional statements of the 8 accused, statements, seizure list, seized evidence, ‘oral evidence of the witnesses presented by the State party, documentary evidence, statement under Section 22 of the victim’s house wife, medical certificate of the victim and the surrounding conditions are taken together under the direct guidance of the accused Ruhul Amin and Hasan Arif Bulu and their The judge also mentioned that on the date and time of the incident described in the affidavit, the accused appeared in an illegal assembly and brought the victim to the pond garden on the east side of her kitchen, gang-raped and beat her.

Referring to the provisions of the Women and Child Abuse Act, the judge said, “If more than one person gang-rapes a woman or child and the woman or child is injured as a result of the rape, then each person in that group shall be punished with death sentence or life imprisonment and a fine of one lakh taka.”


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