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The 2030 World Cup final will be in Spain or Morocco

The 2030 World Cup final will be in Spain or Morocco

Lto joint candidacy of Spain, Portugal and Morocco for the 2030 World Cup presented this Tuesday his official logo with symbols representing the sun, the sea and football and a “Yalla, Vamos” as the main motto, in Arabic and Spanish

The coordinator of the candidacy, the Portuguese Antonio Laranjowas in charge of presenting the logo of the tournament, a competition that is intended to have “impact on future generations”, during a ceremony at the Oeiras Football Cityon the outskirts of Lisbon.

“We have different customs, we have different traditions and, even so, it is clear that working together we have much more in common than the differences we may find”Laranjo indicated.

He added that it was with that “spirit of unity and passion” that the three countries are heading towards 2030: “this is our year, a desire to progress, to move forward, to go.”


“Our logo represents the key elements of our geographical location, the sun, a fundamental element that makes our countries one of the main tourist destinations in the world,” Laranjo remarked.

The other is the sea, “which celebrates unique coasts”, which link Spain, Portugal and Morocco and which link them in the world and football, “a common passion in the hearts of people.”

Laranjo pointed out that these three elements together represent “some of the main forces” with which the three countries are presenting themselves at the 2030 World Cup.

Final in Morocco or Spain

The coordinator of the joint candidacy of Spain, Portugal and Morocco for the 2030 World Cup, Antnio Laranjo, indicated this Tuesday that the Portuguese country will not host the final of the tournament, so be in Spain or Morocco.

Portugal does not have such a stadium (with capacity for at least 80,000 seats).), is not going to make investments to expand the capacity of the stadiums, which means that Portugal is not going to have the World Cup final,” Laranjo said.

He was also questioned about whether it would be in the Santiago Bernabuabout which he was not definitive in his response: “It is a magnificent stadium and has the appropriate capacity for the final. It will host several matches and is one of the possibilities for the final.”

Fernando Sanz, representative of the RFEF

He Director of International Business Development of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Fernando Sanz, stated this Tuesday in the presentation of the joint candidacy that they want “build a multi-generation World Cup with a single World Cup” in 2030.Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, president of the CSDy Juan Fernndez Carnicer, member of the candidacy committee on behalf of the Government of Spain, They also attended the event.

Sanz highlighted that the tournament will take place in “modern and iconic stadiums” in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, at the ceremony to present the vision, video, logo and ambassadors of the joint candidacy in Oeiras, on the outskirts of Lisbon.

In relation to the stadiums, Laranjo has clarified that yesThe 15 proposed from Spain have been visited on several occasions, but it is a decision that has not been made at the moment. Nor is the exact number of matches that will be played in each of the countries of the candidacy known.

Ambassadors of the 2030 World Cup


The ambassadors of Spain are lvaro Morataone of the captains of the current squad of the Spanish National Team and Andres Iniesta, author of the most important goal in our history. Also the captain of the women’s team, Irene Paredes.

Other ambassadors are Cristianos Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Dolores Sousa representing Portugal. Noureddine Naybet, Acharf Hakimi and Ghizlane Chebbak for Morocco. Finally, as an ambassador for all of Africa, the Togolese and former Real Madrid Emmanuel Adebayor.