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That’s why Google is laying off hundreds of workers

by Afonso
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The technology giant Google walked the path of layoffs again. Hundreds of workers are losing their jobs. According to Bloomberg, the technology giant’s parent company Alphabet Inc. is laying off hundreds of employees from Google’s digital assistant, hardware and engineering divisions. It is said that this step has been taken to reduce costs.

Alphabet has been laying off workers step by step since the Corona pandemic. Among them, the most layoffs are Google workers. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands of workers have been laid off from various departments. So far, more than 20,000 Google workers have lost their jobs.

According to Alphabet’s sources, at least a few hundred workers are being laid off this time as well. In particular, those who worked on Google’s voice-based assistant and augmented reality hardware teams are being laid off. In addition, Google’s central engineering team is also being laid off.

A Google spokesperson told the technology site The Verge, ‘Since the second half of 2023, several changes have been made to our team. A number of teams are still undergoing institutional changes to work more efficiently and make full use of their resources. Part of this is layoffs.’

Meanwhile, the Alphabet worker union protested the layoff decision in a post on social media. Calling such layoffs ‘unnecessary’, the organization said the company could not continue to lay off workers like this while earning billions of dollars.


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