Home News That unfortunate person keeps pouring water into the ocean

That unfortunate person keeps pouring water into the ocean

That unfortunate person keeps pouring water into the ocean

English star Harry Kane, who has been conquering European football for 14 years, even the captain of the national team, still could not touch the title. Hoping to change his fortune, he moved from his club Tottenham in England to one of the best club football teams in Germany, Bayern Munich.

But after Kane joins Bayern, who have made the German Bundesliga their own, winning one or another title every season for more than a decade, the title is now feared. Eliminated from the cup, the runner-up in the Supercup, 10 points behind Leverkusen in the league at number two…Kane is the unlucky one, the sea dries up if he goes!

However, only in the Champions League, the possibility of the title is still of Zoral Bayern. And Cain did everything he could to keep that possibility alive. His two goals helped Bayern beat Lazio 3-0 at home yesterday. Reached the quarter finals. Cain wanted to pour water into the sea to prove that he is not unlucky!

In this tournament, however, Bayern went to the edge of the abyss. The Bavarians lost the first leg 1-0. Kane then put the hosts ahead early in the last 16 return leg at the Allianz Arena tomorrow. In the 38th minute, the English star put the ball in Lazio’s net with a great header. And at that, the audience, who had been silent since the beginning, burst into joy.

Thomas Müller doubled the lead with another goal late in the first half. Harry Kane took the lead again in the second half as Bayern took a 2-0 lead. His double goal gave the team a 3-0 lead in the 66th minute of the match.

Harry Kane also made a great achievement on the night of becoming the hero by scoring a couple of goals. Kane became the first British player to reach the milestone of at least 50 goals in a UEFA club competition.