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That is why Zakir Talukder returned the Bangla Academy Award

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Fiction writer Zakir Talukdar has returned the Bangla Academy Literary Award. On Sunday, he posted a picture of a part of the prize refund letter and the refund check for the prize money on social media Facebook. But why did he take such action?

Above is the letter requesting the return of one of the prizes for the two photos provided on Facebook. The letter is addressed to the Director General of Bangla Academy. Natore is written as the place of writing. And the subject of the letter is quoted as — return of prize. In the same post there is a picture of a check page of Pubali Bank. ‘Directorate, Bangla Academy’ in the payee space of the cheque, and one lakh rupees in the cash box.

Incidentally, the Bangla Academy Award is worth Tk 1 lakh.

Fiction writer Zakir Talukder wrote in the post from his Facebook account along with two pictures — ‘Sent. Feel very free.’

Many in the comments section of the Facebook post asked the author to return the prize. In reply he mentioned that he will give details tomorrow (January 29).

In the meantime, many people have joined the social media about Zakir Talukder’s return of this award. Someone is applauding it. Some see this return as a ‘brave’ and ‘revolutionary’ act.

Incidentally, Zakir Talukder received the Bangla Academy Award in 2014. He returned the award in 2024, 10 years after receiving it. Not just the monetary value, he also sent back the crest for the Bangla Academy Literary Award for his contribution to fiction.

Regarding returning the award, the writer said, ‘I have returned the Bangla Academy award. I have posted a letter from Nato to this effect. The Director General will get it within a day or two.’

Zakir Talukder told the media that he is not satisfied with the way the Bangla Academy is running. This is the reason for returning his award. He said, ‘When the quality of the institution goes down, the award becomes meaningless. That’s why I sent the prize back.’

Zakir Talukder, while explaining the reasons for his dissatisfaction with Bangla Academy, said, ‘Undemocracy, bureaucracy, low quality of the institution and without holding elections for two and a half decades, the executive council was formed to manage the academy with people of their choice.’

Zakir Talukder, a doctor by profession, is 59 years old. Worked in medical and research in various private institutions. Some of his notable novels include Kursinama, Kahaan, Musalmanmangal, Pitrgana, Kabi and Kamini, Mruthigandhi. Apart from this, many books including stories, essays, rhymes, translations have been published by him.


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