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Thailand in efforts to solve the Myanmar crisis

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Thailand is making strong efforts to resolve the conflict in Myanmar. They have launched a new humanitarian initiative to pave the way for talks between the warring parties in Myanmar. In an interview on Tuesday, Thailand’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sihasok Phuangketkyo gave this information.

Sihasak Phuangketkyo said that they are increasing communication with the fighting parties to resolve the conflict in Myanmar. The ongoing conflict has already been discussed with Myanmar regional officials, ethnic rebel groups, China, India and the US.

In addition, Thailand wants to establish a humanitarian safe zone on the Thailand-Myanmar border at the end of this month. With the help of the Red Cross, they initially plan to provide humanitarian relief to 20,000 people displaced by the conflict there.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s junta government is under constant pressure from rebel attacks in various states. Min Aung Hlaing’s junta has lost control of large swathes of the northwest to rebels. They are retreating from Arakan Army (AA) attacks on the western border. In the meantime, one by one, all the military bases there are going under the control of the Arakan Army.

Private news service Radio Free Asia reports that the Arakan Army attacked another base of the Myanmar Border Guard Force near the Bangladesh border on Sunday. This attack was carried out with full military force on this base on the western border of Myanmar.

After the attack, unable to handle the situation, the BGP members ran towards the Bangladesh border. In the meantime, 229 BGPs of Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh and taken shelter. The matter was confirmed by the Public Relations Office of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on Tuesday.


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