Home News Teresa Ribera, “persona non grata” for the distribution of Doñana aid

Teresa Ribera, “persona non grata” for the distribution of Doñana aid

Teresa Ribera, “persona non grata” for the distribution of Doñana aid

The controversy accompanies the Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, in each of her decisions. The same thing currently keeps alive a confrontation with the multinational Repsolwho accused the Andalusian president at the time Juanma Moreno of “liar” or “little gentleman” to later reach an agreement with the Junta de Andalucía for the conservation of Doñana. Now, the last “enemies” that the third vice president of the Government adds to her list are two Huelva town councils, those of Almonte and Hinojos, on account of the distribution of aid for the regeneration plan agreed with the Andalusian Executive for the National Park.

The Almonte City Council is the one that has gone the furthest. Through a proposed resolution from the Mayor’s Office, he will propose to appoint «persona non grata» to Riberaand to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán. The controversy stems from the Ministry’s decision on the distribution of the 70 million within the Framework of Actions for the sustainable territorial development of Doñana, corresponding to line 10, for the 14 municipalities in the area of ​​influence of the National Park.

Both town councils have been involved in a confrontation with the rest of the town councils and with the department of Ribera itself. In the case of Almonte, the resolution indicates that the commitment of more than half a century of the citizens of Almonte and Hinojos to the conservation of the natural environment is “ignored and undervalued.”

It must be remembered that the town councils of Almonte and Hinojos (Huelva) have announced allegations to the “proposed changes” in the decree for the financing of local initiatives to the town councils of the Doñana area of ​​influence, which is in the public consultation phase until April 8. They do not even rule out resorting to European administrative bodies. The Almonteño City Council accuses the Ministry of “trying to make changes” to the subsidy decree that governs its policy in the area of ​​influence of the Doñana Natural Space, modifications that are “unclear and transparent.”

Almonte justifies the decision to name the minister and the Secretary of State for the Environment as “persona non grata” “for their lack of consideration for the populations of Almonte and Hinojos and their contempt for the conservation work of the Doñana National Park” and advocates “urging the Government of Spain to review its decision regarding the distribution of funds to guarantee a fair and equitable treatment to the affected populations and respect the commitments acquired in the initial agreement with the Junta de Andalucía.

It also proposes “to express support and solidarity with the citizens of Almonte and Hinojos in their fight for recognition of their work as guardians of Doñana and for the preservation of this unique natural enclave in Europe.”

Ribera’s “history” with the towns of the region is extensive. In June 2023, the plenary session of the Lucena del Puerto City Council approved a motion from the Independientes group and the PP to declare the Minister for the Ecological Transition a “non grata” person in the town for “encouraging the boycott of strawberries” from Huelva.

In the Parliament of Andalusia, Vox requested on June 15 the disapproval of Pedro Sánchez and Teresa Ribera for their “attacks” on the Huelva strawberry sector and the farmers in the county area. The Andalusian PP abstained and the initiative did not go ahead.