Home News Terelu Campos’ condition is evolving favorably and she will soon be discharged from the hospital.

Terelu Campos’ condition is evolving favorably and she will soon be discharged from the hospital.

Terelu Campos’ condition is evolving favorably and she will soon be discharged from the hospital.

The situation for the family Campos is not the best one could expect. Last Saturday, as reported by the news portal “Informalia”, Terelu Campos was admitted to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation for a respiratory condition and will remain away from the media spotlight for a season. A problem that does not come at a good time, since her sister Carmen Borrego is in Honduras participating in the new edition of “Survivors” and it is unknown if María Teresa Campos’ youngest daughter has been informed of the situation. her sister.

As announced by the Telecinco program “Vamos a Ver”, Terelu Campos will not attend her work commitments this entire week in “Mañaneros”, but his situation “is progressing favorably, is responding to treatment, but has not been discharged”, Joaquín Prat gave exclusively. Although Terelu is no longer one of the collaborators of the Mediaset house, her former colleagues maintain good memories of the television station, not to mention that her daughter Alejandra Rubio and her sister Carmen Borrego continue to be very powerful members of the network. .

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At the moment, it seems that it will soon return to normal and Pepe del Real, from the aforementioned program, wanted to reassure people: “Things are going well, but it’s true that they had a substitute“, he concluded to send all his love and support to Terelu who is recovering from pneumonia. In fact, it was his own Jose Carlos Bernalhusband of Carmen Borrego, who has given the latest report on his state of health and has signed that he will be discharged very soon “because he is better. He is better”

Alejandra Rubio has not commented on her mother’s condition, but it doesn’t seem like it will be a big setback for the family. Her plans have not changed and this Sunday Terelu’s daughter will participate in the first “Survivors” debate, making it clear that her mother’s condition is not as serious as it seemed at first.

The one who is not handling things in the best way is Carmen Borrego. Away from the news of her sister’s entry, she fights her own battles in the most extreme contest on television. A few days ago, the strong argument that she had had with Ángel Cristo Jr. was announced, a character who from the first moment was already known would not give Borrego a good time. In the previous broadcast of “Survivors”, Bárbara Rey’s son did not say very kind words about the deceased María Teresa Campos. “The one who doesn’t have a damn argument to defend himself is him. I don’t like that any son talks like that about his mother,” Terelu’s sister defended herself. Such was the controversy aroused that Ángel’s mother spoke out to send her support to Carmen Borrego: “I’m extremely sorry, she doesn’t deserve it. Making a person cry is not nice, it is not right. I send a lot of encouragement to Carmen”.