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Temperatures in January were slightly higher than normal

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Although the spread of fog has increased in January, the cold current has decreased compared to the previous year. This year also recorded the lowest average temperature in two eras. Despite being the coldest month, temperatures in January were slightly warmer than other years, the Meteorological Department said. Moderate to severe cold currents did not last. Only because the difference between day and night temperature has decreased, the winter has felt more.

In the month of January, the normal average temperature of the country is usually 12 and a half degrees Celsius. The cold northerly wind combined with dense fog makes this month a bone-chilling winter. Moderate to severe cold current prevails across the country. According to the information of the Meteorological Department, the analysis of the record of the lowest temperature in January in two eras shows that the lowest temperature in Rajshahi was 3.4 degrees Celsius in 2003, 3.2 degrees Celsius in Dinajpur in 2013, 6 in Naogaon in 2021. 5 degrees Celsius, 5.6 degrees Celsius in Srimangal in 2023 and 5 degrees Celsius in Panchagarh this year.

On January 11, a mild cold wave started in some northern districts of the country, accompanied by thick fog, frost and wind. But during this time the average temperature of the whole country fluctuates between 11 and 14 degrees Celsius.

Senior meteorologist Abdur Rahman said, this time the average temperature has decreased by 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, so the winter has felt more. If the average night temperature was 12.5 degrees Celsius and the day temperature was 24 to 25 degrees Celsius, winter would be felt less.

A severe cold wave is considered when the temperature falls below 6 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days over a large area of ​​the country. A temperature of 6 to 8 is moderate, 8 to 10 is called a mild cold current. In January this year, such a temperature has not been seen for a long time. But severe cold was felt.

Senior meteorologist Dr. Abul Kalam Mallik said that although there was no severe cold in winter this year, bone-chilling cold was felt. The reason for this is that since the beginning of winter, the entire country was now covered in a blanket of fog.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of light rain on the coast including Dhaka at the beginning of February. The mood of winter may remain till mid-February.


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