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Temperature below 10 degrees, school closure announced in Naogaon

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Mild cold current is blowing over Naogaon, Pabna, Panchagarh, Kurigram and Kishoreganj. The lowest temperature in the country was recorded in Naogaon on Sunday at 9.5 degrees Celsius. And as the temperature dropped below 10 degrees, all primary and secondary schools in the district have been declared closed on Monday.

This has been confirmed from the district education office and the district primary education office.

Earlier, the minimum temperature in Naogaon was fluctuating between 9 and 11 degrees Celsius for a week. Normal life is disrupted due to severe winter. Attendance of students has decreased in most of the schools. Considering the situation, the primary schools of the district were closed last Wednesday and Thursday, but the secondary schools were open.

Although the temperature was below 10 degrees on Sunday, all primary and secondary schools in the district were kept open. The parents of the students expressed their anger.

The parents say that the students are exhausted in the winter. They do not want to send their children to school in this hostile weather.

Meanwhile, the teachers say that there is not much attendance of students in the school. In this situation, the President of the District Teachers’ Association Mahataf Hossain and General Secretary Md. Abdul Gafur Prang suggested declaring school holidays.

Recently, according to the instructions of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, classes in primary and secondary schools can be declared closed in districts where the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, all schools are closed in Rajshahi, Kurigram and Joypurhat as the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

However, as the order to close the educational institutions was given on Saturday night, many students had to come to school in the morning and return home.


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