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Teacher and social worker Sufia Khatun

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Sufia Khatun is a teacher, writer and social worker. He died on this day in 2023. He received the 2021 Bangla Academy Literary Award for his autobiographical book ‘Jivan Nadihan Banke Banke’ published in 2005. In his autobiography book ‘Jiwan Nadihan Banke Banke’, he presented the story of life flowing like a river.

Sufia Khatun taught at Siddheswari Girls School, Vikarunnisa Noon School and the then Cantonment Modern School. Apart from teaching and writing, he was also involved in various social development activities. On his own initiative, he formed the ‘Usha Maitri’ organization with fellow travelers. He was associated with an organization called ‘Hemantika’. Besides, he worked with ‘Hemantika’ organization with the aim of establishing an old age home with interested women. He gave the name of these two organizations.

Sufia Khatun was born in May 1922 in Mymensingh. He witnessed many events in history. He witnessed many events including World War II, partition, language movement, liberation war, military rule, establishment of democracy in Bangladesh.

Sufia Khatun wrote a book named ‘Sona Jhara Din’ for children and teenagers in 2006. Apart from this, a book of his poetry named ‘Apanbhuban’ was published. In 2014, his long sojourn was published in ‘Prabas Attibha’. In the year 2018, the book named ‘Nare Khe Jal’ was published. He will live long in his writings.


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