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Tanuja returned home from the hospital

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Veteran Bollywood actress Tanuja Mukherjee was admitted to the hospital. He suddenly fell ill on Sunday (December 17) evening. He was immediately taken to a private hospital in Mumbai. He was taken to the ICU on an emergency basis as his physical condition continued to deteriorate. And as soon as this news spread, the fans expressed concern. But there is no reason to worry, the physical condition of this actress is stable for now. Returned home.

Kajal-Tanisha’s mother Tanuja was under the observation of doctors at the hospital. All India media reports say that Tanuja’s physical condition is absolutely normal. That is why he returned home on Monday (December 18) night after getting a discharge from the hospital.

Earlier, the doctors said that it was not a critical situation, Tanuja fell ill due to old age. The actress’s family and fans got some relief. And now Shanti, the 80-year-old actress has returned home from the hospital.

Incidentally, Tanuja’s full name is Tanuja Samarth. She is the daughter of director Kumarsen Samarth and actress Shobhana Samarth. She married director Samu Mukherjee in 1973. Their two daughters are Kajal and Tanisha. Both are known faces of Bollywood.

Tanuja made her Bollywood debut in 1950 with her sister Nutan in the movie ‘Hamari Beti’. This actress worked in Bengali and Hindi films at the same time in the sixties. In 1963, he paired opposite Uttam Kumar in the film ‘Deya Neya’. Apart from this, his Bengali movies ‘Anthony Firingi’, ‘Tin Bhuvaner Pare’, ‘Pratham Kadam Phool’ and ‘Rajkumari’ are noteworthy.


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