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Tank blown up by Hamas shelling, 24 Israeli soldiers killed

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24 Israeli soldiers lost their lives in one day due to the shelling of the Palestinian independence group Hamas. The Israeli army says this is the highest single-day death toll since the start of the war.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed this information, Qatar-based news media Al Jazeera said. He said, this incident happened in a settlement called Kisufim near the Israeli border.

“An RPG was fired at a tank and two two-story buildings exploded,” said Daniel Hagari. The building collapsed. At that time, most of the army members were staying inside or around the building.

Both buildings were already occupied by Israeli soldiers in Mainpu.

The country’s president, Isaac Herzog, expressed grief over the death of the soldiers. He said, ‘This kind of morning is difficult to accept. Some more names of our best children were added to the tombstone.’

Describing the battle, he said, ‘A tough battle is going on in a very tough battlefield.’

On October 7, the Palestinian independence group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack inside Israel. About 1 thousand 200 citizens of the country were killed. Since then, Israel has continued to bombard Gaza. Ground operations are also going on.

The Ministry of Health in Hamas-controlled Gaza has said that more than 25,000 Palestinians have been killed so far in Israeli attacks. More than 63 thousand were injured.


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