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Tanjir Tuhin is appearing in a new identity

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Tanjir Tuhin is known for her music. He has been playing music for more than two decades. Was associated with ‘Shironam Meen’ for a long time, then left that band and formed ‘Avas’. Currently he is busy with the new band. This singer is going to appear in a new identity, that is a storyteller. Yes, you heard right. His story book ‘Ahat Kok Kaho’ is going to be published in the upcoming book fair.

Earlier, Tuhin was found as a lyricist. But this is the debut of the storyteller Tuhin. Some Injured Stories takes its name from one of his songs of the same title. That was revealed while he was in the band Untitled.

Commenting on the book, Tuhin said, ‘Every moment some story is born. Some of joy, some of sadness, some of surprise, fun, laugh-cry, courage. Some stories are everyday, some stories are normal. In the next moment, the stories become past. All stories are true and instructive for me to grow as a person. I believe all the stories. Stories of lost time hurt me. Some of these wounded stories are about those lost beautiful, painful, emotional stories.’

It is known that the book is being published by the legendary publication. Cover by Parag Wahid. Readers can also pre-order the book online before the upcoming Amar Ekushe Book Fair. It is available at rockmarie.com.

Currently, Tanjir Tuhin is busy with the band Avaas. The band recently released a new song called ‘Camera’. Earlier they released several songs including ‘Manush-1’, ‘Vastav’, ‘Anath’. The band’s lineup consists of Tanzeer Tuhin (vocals), Raju Sheikh (bass), Rinku Imam (drums), Arafat Shaon (keyboards), Naeem Morshed and Antu Dash (guitar).


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