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Tamim is not staying in the central contract of BCB!

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How many changes Bangladesh cricket saw in one year! Tamim Iqbal was on central contract earlier this year, also captaining the ODI team. But as the year comes to an end, Tamim is no longer the captain of the ODI team. Couldn’t play the World Cup due to injury, which caused a lot of controversy around Shakib and him. Tamim was also involved in the drama of retiring from international cricket and returning from that decision within a day.

That Tamim is still out of the field due to injury. And whether he will return to international cricket or not, there is concern about that. And another question has arisen from this concern, is Tamim staying in the next central contract of BCB?

The question arises due to the comments of Jalal Yunus, the head of BCB’s cricket management department. Jalal Yunus said that the initial draft of the Central Agreement has been completed. He did not say anything directly about whether Tamim’s name is there or not, but he said – Tamim himself has requested BCB not to keep him in the central contract ‘for now’.

As far as is known, the selectors have sent a list of 21 players for the central contract across the three editions of the BCB. From there the final report will be prepared after BCB review.

Jalal Yunus told reporters in Gulshan today, ‘The selectors had already sat on it, I also went that day. I have a meeting, later it will be discussed in the board. A draft has been done and what! Hopefully we will prepare it and submit it to the board by December 31. Before that, it should be given to the honorable president (Nazmul Hasan Papon). He will see a little, then we will submit to the board.’

Is Tamim Iqbal’s name in the initial draft? Jalal Yunus did not say anything directly, but explained it like this, ‘What is the matter with Tamim, we have talked with Tamim before. Many of you may not know. Tamim spoke to the selectors, spoke to the chief selector, spoke to me too.’

Tamim is scheduled to meet with board president Nazmul Hasan Papon next month. A lot depends on that meeting sometime after the national election – Jalal Yunus was understood to say, ‘You know that (Tamim) is scheduled to sit with the board president next month. Mainly after the election. He (Tamim) wanted to discuss his plans. What are his future plans, how will he proceed in the days ahead. He has a plan of his own.’

After that, Jalal Yunus said that Tamim requested BCB not to include his name in the central contract before that meeting. “He (Tamim) wanted us not to put him in the contract before that (meeting with the president). He wants not to keep it now, after finalizing the plan, he will tell us what he is going to do’ – said Jalal Yunus.

Meanwhile, the news about Tamim’s field is that the left-handed opener has not yet returned to practice due to injury. He can return to the field with the BPL to be held next month.


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