Home News Tamim, how expensive is the land in Dhaka?

Tamim, how expensive is the land in Dhaka?

Tamim, how expensive is the land in Dhaka?

The price of land in Dhaka city is increasing by leaps and bounds. In some places, the price of soil is touching gold per kg. Who knows, it may have exceeded somewhere. The middle class is still buying land in Dhaka. Far away, on the outskirts, ’30 minutes’ from ‘that bridge’ – land is being sold at various tags. That land belongs to Dhaka as much as most of the people of Niret Bangladesh, if you ask them, you can find them with some influential people and claim their kinship!

There is nothing new to say that the land of Dhaka is quite attractive. So when three friends make a deal to get ‘Dhaka land’, and it gets lost because of one of them, there can be anger.

Tamim Iqbal is also angry. Anuj Mehedi calls Hasan Miraj in Regame. He first praised Mushfiqur Rahim on the phone, and later told him to talk like that.

Meanwhile, the phone conversation was leaked to a TV channel. They also served it in colorful wrappers in a natural way. As soon as the video went viral, the nation divided into three parties. One side is angry with Mushfiq, how could he hurt Tamim’s heart! On the other hand Mirage is angry – because it is clear from the audio of the phone conversation, it was leaked from his end. The other side is rolling with laughter – seeing Tamim as another chapter in the terrible tide of losing his position in six months last month.

Among the last parties who had a little insight, they realized that it was part of an advertisement. Another smart and effective attempt to grab the attention of a mobile-based digital financial services organization. In that effort, Tamim was seen giving dialogues like ‘I am not in the national team and others feel bad’, ‘If there was a captain I could not have done this’, ‘World goals’, ‘Time will come to me’ and ‘You see, what am I doing’? . The controversy is about BPL – it has been seen to make people believe things that cannot be matched in any way with the ad.

The question has also arisen, is the work right?
TM Scanlon raised a food for thought in his book What We Ought to Each Other. When we say something is wrong, who will judge whether the judgment we are giving is right or wrong?

Let’s say, seeing someone’s fault, you publicly point out their fault, which is the right thing to do in your eyes. But when you hurt his heart by doing that, it is wrong for that person. And what is wrong in your eyes, that is really wrong, how is it determined? Only morality can answer the right or wrong?

No doubt, this is a very complex question and difficult to answer. Only people are not bothered about moral philosophy! Harvard Professor Scanlon discusses in detail what our responsibilities to each other are in his three hundred and fifty page hard book. The meaning of which is not the purpose of this article. But this much can be said, the author says, as a human being, he deserves at least that much good treatment from others.

What a Tamim has done for the cricket of the country, it is not easy to meet the responsibility. A six down the wicket at Port of Spain, a century at Lord’s, Charles Coventry’s world record winning century, four consecutive fifties in the face of criticism or going down with a broken arm against Sri Lanka – so many examples come without trying. As a result, we may not even have the right to question whether his actions are right or wrong. And as Professor Scanlon says, it must first be clear on what basis we call someone’s action right or wrong. This ignoramus cannot go into that question because he does not have so much confidence in reading his own moral philosophy.

In BPL, a team survives and does not break – there is no point in raising the nation. Nor does it mean trying to guide a cricketer on what to do or not to earn money, to get ‘Dhaka land’. And Mushfiqur Rahim, the third person involved in this drama of Tamim-Miraj, said a few days ago that they (cricketers) are in financial trouble, it is difficult for them to run the family if they don’t play BPL.

No, Mushfiqur is not talking about those cricketers who no one knows, this tournament is the only way to earn money for them. He said, about the cricketers who play in the national team, who play international cricket for two or three years but do not get the same amount as BPL.

The monthly salary of players who are contracted to the national team is a maximum of Tk 1 lakh to Tk 7 lakh. Those who used to get Tk 2 to 6 lakh for match fee depending on the format till last year. Bangladesh have played at least 45 matches in the last three years. However, it is difficult for these cricketers to run a household in terms of the national team – whether this information is right or wrong, it can be argued. But it is better not to go, because like Tamim, Mushfiqur has given a lot to cricket in the country. It is better to accept what he says.

And how many cricketers do nothing for the need of money! Despite being banned by the country’s laws, Shakib Al Hasan has been seen as a product ambassador for a betting-related website. Even after moving away from it, he is still seen in the advertisement of a website, about which something else will come out if you do a good research. Despite being banned, he is seen on TV advertising many such websites during Bangladesh games.

20 March, Tamim Iqbal's birthday.So Tamim-Mushfique-Miraj cannot be blamed for trying to earn money. In that effort, a program – which has a reputation for creating controversy, also needs to be praised for its utility.

Tamim said goodbye to the Bangladesh team. But Miraj and Mushfiq are fine. Where infighting has become the biggest concern in the Bangladesh team, where the board president has to talk about these things after two days, it is right to use the national team players to give suggestive messages like ‘I am not in the team, so others’ feelings have increased’, ‘What could have been done if there was a captain?’ Whether it is happening or not, that question can be raised. But as I said earlier, this article is not to raise any questions.

This article is just to acknowledge that everyone needs money. It could be cash, it could be ‘Dhaka land’. We cannot be on the question of taste, we are uncompromising on the question of money. In that case, the answer to difficult questions like what we owe to each other is – ‘Nothing!’

Author: Assistant Sports Editor, Digital Division, Independent Television