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Taliban jails abused women for ‘safety’

by Afonso
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The Taliban government of the country is sending abused women to prison in Afghanistan. The United Nations has given such information in a recently published report. According to the report, the Taliban administration claims that these women who survived the torture are being kept in prison for their safety.

According to the UN report, these women who survived the torture are facing mental and physical problems due to keeping them in prison. The country has no state-run rehabilitation, safety or shelter facilities. The Taliban administration does not even see any need to build such a center.

The British media BBC says that after coming to power, the Taliban promised not to be as strict as before. But as time went by, they took tough decisions one after another. Most of the decisions have been taken against ‘women’s freedom’. Even women’s education is blocked.

This time, the report of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) says that violence against Afghan women and girls has increased. The violence is now at its highest since the Taliban came to power. Violence against women is now a normal phenomenon in the country.

Due to the economic crisis, the rate of torture is increasing. Even now women are not allowed to leave the house.

Before the Taliban came to power in August 2021, there were 23 government-run women’s security centers in Afghanistan. In these two and a half years everything has stopped.

The reason for this is that the Taliban administration says that women no longer need security centers. Men will protect women. They should be accompanied by men or family members when going out. This is the Western style of building a security center.


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