Home News Taiwan confirmed the presence of US special forces

Taiwan confirmed the presence of US special forces

Taiwan confirmed the presence of US special forces

Taiwan’s defense chief confirms US troops are training the island’s military, with some stationed six miles from mainland China

US special forces personnel are stationed on some remote islands of Taiwan, where they train their armed forces, the head of the island’s defense bureau, Chiu Kuo-cheng, confirmed to the press on Thursday.

The official was asked to confirm media reports of a permanent US military presence in Taiwan on the sidelines of a legislative hearing, news website Focus Taiwan reported on Thursday. Chiu confirmed that US service members are training Taiwanese soldiers and helping them identify weaknesses and blind spots.

Last week, the US news server Spec Ops Special Operations Forces Report (SOFREP) wrote that America “Green Berets” were planned for deployment to Taiwan to act as permanent training observers and train the island’s special forces. This represents a departure from past practice that saw frequent but short-lived visits by US personnel to Taiwanese training facilities, the report said. According to the article, permanent US forces should be located in the Kinmen Islands, six miles from mainland China.

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Beijing sees the self-governing island as part of China’s sovereign territory and has repeatedly warned it against formally declaring independence. Although Taiwan has ruled itself since 1949, most of the international community, including the US, does not officially recognize it as a sovereign state.

Although the US does not officially support Taiwan’s independence, it maintains security ties with the island. Under the ‘Taiwan Enhanced Resilience Act 2022’ to “Repel People’s Republic of China (PRC) aggression against Taiwan” The US is authorized to spend up to $2 billion a year in military grants to support the island’s security until 2027.

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Mainland China has criticized the increased rotation of US military personnel to the island. The US always puts its own interests first and Taiwan is only a “pawn” used against mainland China, Beijing spokesman Chen Binhua said on Wednesday. He claimed that by in close coordination with the US to carry out so-called military training programs,” the Taiwanese political leadership is gradually “pushing the people of Taiwan into crisis.”

“Any attempt to pursue ‘independence’ through military means or rely on external forces for ‘independence’ will only lead to danger and ultimately lead to Taiwan’s self-destruction.” he warned.

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