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Sylhet’s MC College history department is running without a teacher

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The history department of Sylhet’s Murari Chand (MC) College has been running without a teacher for almost seven months. More than 2000 students are in trouble with the class-examination. They have started protesting because they have repeatedly demanded the appointment of teachers but no work has been done.

Sylhet’s ancient and traditional Vidyapith MC College. The history department, which was launched in the college in 2004, now has seven hundred regular students. Apart from this, about 1500 students of 14 other departments also have to study history as a compulsory first year of graduation.

All the posts of four teachers in the department are vacant since last August. Due to the repeated demands of teacher appointment and no work, this time the students have started a movement.

The students of history department complained that no work related to the department is being done due to the absence of teachers for almost seven months. Studies are not progressing.

Another student says that only 20 percent of the entire syllabus of the history department has been completed. The remaining part is not completed due to lack of teacher.

The teacher leaders said that students are lagging behind in addition to the results being a disaster due to the absence of teachers for a long time.

Sylhet MC College General Secretary Prof. Tofail Ahmed said that without a teacher, students cannot go deep into any subject. Can’t even understand it well. Which is harmful for the future of the country and nation.

Sylhet MC College Principal Professor Abul Anam. Riaz said that after four posts fell vacant, although the matter was reported to the ministry, there was no progress in the recruitment of teachers.

The teachers and students of the college demanded to take quick measures to solve the problem.


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