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Switzerland is going to legalize cocaine

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The Swiss government is going to allow the sale and use of the drug cocaine in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. This permission will be granted for recreational use only. And it will be implemented under a pilot project. The local parliament of Bern has supported a bill in this regard. However, the bill will need the support of the city government to finally pass, and the country’s national laws will also need to be changed.

The news agency Reuters reported that the Swiss government believes that this initiative will control and limit the widespread use of drugs in the country.

Many European countries, including Spain, Italy and Portugal, have no prison terms for possession of cocaine and other drugs. Even several US states, including Oregon, are going to decide to legalize Gaza. It is clear from these initiatives that global drug policy is about to change.

Switzerland had a total ban on drugs. The Swiss government has taken the initiative to re-examine the drug law after some politicians and experts criticized it. One of these initiatives is to legalize the sale of cocaine.

“The ongoing war on drugs has failed,” said Eva Chen, a member of the council in the capital Bern and leader of the Alternative Left party. Now we have to face this crisis in a new way. Regulatory approval and legal approaches may be more effective than repression.’

Switzerland is the country where cocaine is used the most among European countries. Among the top 10 European cities for cocaine use are Zurich, Brussels and Geneva.

According to Addiction Switzerland, a non-governmental organization, the use of cocaine is increasing in other cities of Switzerland, including Bern. One of the reasons behind this is the fall in prices. Cocaine prices have halved over the past five years.

Frank Zobel, deputy director of Addiction Switzerland, said, ‘Now you can buy a dose of cocaine for just 10 francs. That’s less than the price of a can of beer.’

Meanwhile, many are criticizing this initiative. Cocaine is already available cheaply, critics claim. If its sale is legalized and made more readily available, serious health complications, including heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety, could become widespread.


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