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Sweden finally gives green signal to Turkey to join NATO

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Turkey’s parliament has finally backed Sweden to join the Western military alliance NATO. This was signaled by the Foreign Affairs Commission in the Turkish Parliament on Tuesday. Sweden’s NATO membership will now be possible only after the Turkish parliament gives final approval.

The country’s foreign ministry said that Sweden can join NATO only after the parliament gives the final approval. However, the Turkish Foreign Ministry has not yet announced when the vote will be held in the General Assembly.

Sweden’s accession to NATO has long been a subject of tension. Turkey has been objecting to Sweden joining the Western military alliance for a long time. While other countries in the alliance have granted concessions to Sweden, Türkiye has not granted any concessions.

Turkey accuses Sweden of harboring and supporting Kurdish terrorist groups. Although NATO calls the group of Kurdish fighters terrorists, Sweden does not consider them terrorists in its own country. There have been multiple incidents of burning the Holy Quran in Sweden.

However, Sweden has denied such allegations by Turkey. Earlier in October this year, Finland and Sweden decided to abandon their neutrality policy and join the military alliance NATO.


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