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Swastika after Mimi, what is the new magic in the hands of Tapas?

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Why did Swastika come to Bangladesh? To make the color screen more colorful? Or something else? Popular West Bengal actress Swastika Mukherjee has come to Bangladesh. On January 20, the ‘Taser Ghar’ famous actress came to the headquarters of Gunbangla Television and TM Network.

The chief executive and music director of the company sang along with Tapas on the piano and chatted till late night.

A moment of their conversation was caught on Tapas’s Facebook wall. Swastika sings Rabindranath’s song, ‘Don’t move, don’t think, if you don’t go, don’t go, don’t go’.

Incidentally, Swastika sang several songs of Rabindranath for Hindustan Records. He also sang in some films.

But did Swastika come to sing? Some may think so after seeing the moment of harmony with Tapas.

According to TM Network sources, Swastika originally came to have a sincere conversation about songs and films with National Film Award-winning music director Tapas. There has been talk about the amalgamation of music and film industries of the two Bengals.

Meanwhile, Swastika came to Dhaka at a time when Mimi Chakraborty, another popular West Bengal actress and member of parliament, wearing a Benarashi saree from Kolkata, holding a guitar and colorful microphone, announced the release of her new song ‘Bhallagache Na’. The song composed by Tapas is going to be released soon on Mimi’s YouTube channel.

Swastika after Mimi, is there any new magic in the hands of Tapas? time knows


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