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Surrendered to the Cubarsi phenomenon

Surrendered to the Cubarsi phenomenon

Bara qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League after four years away from them but in Montjuc, but after the game there was only talk of one thing: the game of Pau Cubars. Named MVP After the match against Naples, the 17-year-old made his big debut as a starter in the Champions League.

I already warned Ter Stegen in the run-up to the decisive match: “He is in a spectacular moment and we have to take advantage of it. It is time for him to accumulate minutes”, warned the German. And Xavi played it. He left Iigo Martínez on the bench and gave the alternative to Estanyol, who had already been a fixture in the league. He cut Osimhen and left a European debut to remember.

He became the youngest debutant to start in a Champions League tie ahead of David Alaba (17 years and 50 days compared to the Austrian’s 17 years and 258 days) and completed an almost perfect match as Araujo’s partner in the center of the defense. The Uruguayan was another of those who surrendered to his virtues: “He has spectacular talent, he is the future of this club and we complement each other very well. Let’s hope he is like this for many years.”

On the same line it was shown Sergi Roberto, who sees Cubars as a long-term central defender. “He is a player for life, one of those who come out of La Masa. Playing this way, with this tranquility…”

Another who joined in the praise, as it could not be otherwise, was Xavi Hernandez. The coach has dared to bet on a 17-year-old center back who, among other things, has impressed him with his ball delivery. “The release of the ball with him is brutal. He has the calmness to generate attacking plays, it is a spectacle to see him. When he has the ball, my heart rate does not increase. I am calm. He plays with sense. He is wonderful. He is a very rational boy “We are facing a wonderful emergence for Barcelona and Spanish football.”

“We are facing a wonderful emergence for Barcelona and Spanish football.”

Xavi Hernández, Barcelona coach

At 17 years old, and with only a handful of matches, There are already those who ask Cubars for the next call of Luis de la Fuente. His impact on Barça in low times has been more than evident to the point of becoming a fixture in Xavi’s eleven. La Masa once again comes to the rescue of the Blaugrana.