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Sunidhi’s first album ‘Arale’ is coming.

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Sunidhi Naik is a girl from Asansol, India. He is known as a musician of Rabindranath. He also has expertise in classical music. The audience of Bangladesh has also adopted him. This recognition increased especially due to the song ‘Sandhyatara’ by Coke Studio Bangla. Meanwhile, musician Shayan Chowdhury is Arnab’s life partner, now Sunidhi lives in Bangladesh. Last year he said that he is working on an album of original songs. Now Sunidhi’s album is going to be released.

On Tuesday (January 30), Sunidhi said on social media that the title of the album is ‘Aarale’. The song of the same name is releasing on February 2.

The album is arranged in five tracks. The songs can be heard on various audio platforms including the artist’s YouTube channel, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes. Sunidhi said that the remaining 4 songs will come one week after the release of the first song. Apart from giving voice, he also composed three songs. Apart from this, some of his friends from Santiniketan were involved in song writing and music production.

Sunidhi said to the media, ‘For many years I wanted to make an album of my own original songs. I have already prepared an album of Rabindra Sangeet. But I wanted to make the first album with original songs. That’s why I waited. I will remember the experience of making every song on the album for the rest of my life. We have been working on the album behind the scenes for a year and a half. There are 5 songs in the album. I want to capture the time through which I live through music.’

Incidentally, Sunidhi took lessons in Rabindra Sangeet at Visva Bharati University. Learned classical music for over a century and a half from several masters including Pandit Ajay Chakraborty. He has been praised for singing Rabindra songs like ‘Chaya Ghanaiche Bane Bane’, ‘Aami Rupe Tome Bholab Na’, ‘Bahe Nirantar Anant Anandadhara’, ‘Ae To Tomar Alokdhenu’, ‘O Je Mane Na Mana’, ‘Ji Tare Nai Chini’. .


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