Home News Suicide of family including children due to ‘financial crisis’

Suicide of family including children due to ‘financial crisis’

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Police recovered the bodies of three members of a family from a house in Karnataka, India. Among them was an 11-year-old child. A ‘suicide note’ was found at that time. From what is known, they all committed suicide due to financial crisis.

According to the Indian media Times of India, the bodies of these three people were found in a resort in Kodagu area of ​​Karnataka. The deceased are – Vinod (43), Jubi Abraham (37) and their daughter Johan (11).

But they are not residents of this area, they live in Kottayam, Kerala. They came to visit a resort located in the forest of Kodagu area of ​​Karnataka on Saturday. However, the police believe that they came here to commit suicide.

Police say, initially it seems that the couple killed the girl before committing suicide. But the girl may also commit suicide. This is being discussed with the relatives of this family.


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