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Successful farmer in Chandpur in ‘Bal Sundari’ plum cultivation

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Many people have been successful in apple plum or kul cultivation in Kachua of Chandpur. Apart from these, Shahid Bapari has also seen success in ‘Bal Sundari’ plum cultivation. He saw the face of success for the first time. Selling garden plums every day. Produced without any kind of chemicals, this plum is in great demand.

On the surface, it can be seen that the plum garden built by farmer Shahid Bepari, a resident of Palakhal village in the 22nd century, is surrounded by a net. Entering inside, green-yellow and red Thai-ball beautiful plums are seen hanging on the tree. Some people, including Shaheed Bepari, are picking plums from trees and putting them in bags for sale. All the plums are sold in the garden due to their large size and sweet taste.

When asked at that time, farmer Shahid Bepari said, ‘I have been doing farming for many years. Next to the house, firstly, in the 22nd century, I cultivated Ball Sundari and Thai variety of plum trees. I collected seedlings from Satkhira. So far I have sold plums worth Tk 40,000. The amount of plums that are on the tree, I hope to be able to sell lakhs of taka.’

Kachua Upazila Agriculture Officer. Mejbah Uddin said, local farmers are increasing interest in plum cultivation due to low cost and high yield. Ball Sundari and Thai varieties of plums are very tasty. Shaheed Bepari has succeeded in cultivating this variety of plums for the first year.

This agriculture official also said, “If any farmer is interested in plum cultivation, various suggestions and overall cooperation will be given from the agriculture office.”


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