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Students to be made employable: Education Minister

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Education Minister Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel said that the main objective will be to make students suitable for work. He said that efforts are being made to prepare students according to what kind of work is going on in Bangladesh and the world in the future.

The Minister of Education made this comment at the joint initiative of Chittagong Press Club and Chittagong Journalists’ Union on Saturday evening.

Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel said, ‘In the field of education, efforts will be made to reduce the focus on the capital. There is no alternative to decentralization to get rid of the massive pressure that has been created on the capital Dhaka.

The Minister of Education answered the question whether any action will be taken against the officials who have been posted to the Chittagong Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board for years and are involved in various corruptions including result fraud. He said, ‘Due to the teacher crisis in the country for a long time, even if we want to take any kind of disciplinary action, it becomes challenging for us. However, in the field of education, there is no place for citizens to get services in the education board or other institutions so that there is no corruption.

The minister also said that efforts are being made to resolve the complaints of financial transactions in various fields.

Chattogram Press Club President Salahuddin Raza presided over the meeting and General Secretary of Chittagong Journalist Union Md. Journalist leaders were present in the meeting chaired by Shamsul Islam.


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