Home News Storm Nelson leaves a Maundy Thursday washed out

Storm Nelson leaves a Maundy Thursday washed out

Storm Nelson leaves a Maundy Thursday washed out

Storm Nelson, named after the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), will mark the weather for this Thursday and the next few days, it will induce southwesterly flow over the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, which will transport warmer air, and the passage of atlantic fronts It will leave cloudy skies and widespread precipitation.

The Aemet prediction, collected by Servimedia, describes that the Atlantic slope and the Pyrenees will be the areas most affected by the rains, with the most persistent and intense. However, In the Mediterranean area, the probability and intensity of precipitation is much lower.

In addition, Aemet expects that temperatures will continue to rise in the peninsular territory, where, to a large extent, the maximum temperatures for today they do not exceed 14ºC or 16ºC, and, also, an increase in the snow level, with snowfall restricted to mountain areas in the north of the peninsula.

Also southwest wind will blow with “very strong” gusts in most of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Ceuta, although it will weaken as the days go by, and with this these gusts will lose extension.

In Canary Islands This Thursday, cloudy intervals will continue, which will be more frequent at the end of the day, which will produce weak rainfall, produced by an Atlantic front, in the western islands, as explained by the Aemet. Temperatures in the archipelago “will rise slightly”, with maximum temperatures around 22ºC in many of the islands. Likewise, the wind will continue to blow from the west.

The Aemet explained that, “although with uncertainty and despite the fact that the storm will weaken”, generalized instability will continue on the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, with a passage of Atlantic fronts that will cause practically widespread rainfall, but with less probability and intensity in the Mediterranean area.

In addition, snowfall “is likely” in the main mountain systems. The greatest amounts of rain will occur on Friday in the strip from Navarra and Huesca to western Andalusia, and on Saturday and Sunday in the south and southwest of the Peninsula. In additionduring Sunday rains will be “probable” in the Mediterranean area.

For their part, temperatures will drop again, from west to east, between Friday and Saturday, while on Sunday they will not experience significant changes. The winds will predominate from the south and southwest, losing some intensity compared to previous days, but still with “probable very strong gusts” in the mountain systems and in the southeast half of the peninsula.

In the Canary Islands, Aemet predicts that the passage of Atlantic fronts will also continue, which will leave generally weak rains, more “likely” in the north of the islands, insignificant thermal changes and westerly winds with locally strong intervals.

On Monday, April 1, Storm Nelson is “likely” to be more “weakened,” resulting in less adverse weather. Rainfall is also “probable” in part of the peninsular area, but of less intensity, except in western Galicia, where more intense is expected. In the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands they will be “unlikely.”