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Statement of 154 prominent citizens to prevent anti-independence forces in elections

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154 prominent citizens of the country have made a statement urging them to speak out against the conspiracies, sabotage and secret activities of the anti-independence forces in the 12th National Assembly elections to be held on January 7. This was informed in a press release signed by Prof. Nisar Hossain, Dean of Fine Arts Faculty of Dhaka University on behalf of the teachers, artists, literary and prominent citizens who gave the statement.

It is said in the statement, we are deeply concerned about the inaction of the local and foreign quarters to create a constitutional crisis in the country by thwarting the 12th National Parliament elections to be held in Bangladesh on January 7. Like in the past, I request everyone to come forward to continue the democratic process by confronting all kinds of attempts to disrupt the elections.

Prominent citizens who gave statements include former chairman of UGC Prof. Abdul Mannan, poet Selina Hossain, former teachers of Charkala Institute of Dhaka University Rafiqun Nabi and Hashem Khan, Rajshahi University teacher Sanat Kumar Saha and others.

It is further said that as a result of supreme sacrifice and steel-hard unity of the people, we were able to emerge as an independent nation on the world map in 1971. Sadly, even after 52 years of independence, we have to fight with the defeating forces of independence. We have lost the architect of the state in the hands of this evil power. Innumerable brave members of the armed forces, freedom fighters and supporters of the liberation war who participated in the liberation war have been killed in a series of open terrorist attacks or covert killing missions. Defeated enemies of freedom are still playing with the fate of the common people of this country, which was obtained in exchange for the sacrifice of millions of lives and the honor of mothers and sisters. Bengali nationalism, non-communalism, democracy and equality are the basis of Bangladesh’s freedom struggle.

The statement said that this defeated power of Pakistan has always come to power illegally by trampling the principles of the liberation war and still wants to come.

Prominent citizens expressing concern over arson said that as the anti-independence activists were involved in arson and destruction at various times from 2014 to 2018, since the announcement of the schedule of the 12th National Assembly elections on November 15, they have been attacking the lives and property of common people, public transport from secret places in the name of hartal blockade. , continued sneak attacks, vandalism and arson on trains etc. They want to paralyze the country’s economy by uprooting railway lines, setting fire and disrupting the normal economic activities of the country.

Experts also said that when Bangladesh is moving towards economic self-reliance out of foreign aid dependence, the friends of foreign powers are engaged in the death game of destroying the economy.

In the statement, it is expected that the Election Commission will show firmness in bringing the destructive forces under the law and ensure strict punishment and conduct free, fair and impartial elections.

The statement also said that if the conspiracy against the independence, sovereignty and development of the state succeeds, Bangladesh will suffer the consequences of Iraq, Syria, Lyria or Afghanistan. Therefore, I call upon the civil society who believes in the spirit of the liberation war against these local and foreign groups to unite and build resistance by swearing to protect freedom and sovereignty like in 1971. We hope that the government and the Election Commission will ensure a free and influence-free environment for people to exercise their right to vote. A call to the voters – Go to the polling stations with great enthusiasm and exercise your right to vote and play your part in forming the government of your choice.


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