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SSC candidates of border schools are in panic

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Ghumdhum High School, Naikshyongchari, Bandarban, within 500 meters of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. This institute is used as SSC examination center.

This time also 463 students will sit for the SSC examination in this center. Where there are 159 students of Ghumdhum High School. The rest are from Balukhali and Kutupalong in Cox’s Bazar.

However, recently, the conflict between the rebels and the military junta in Myanmar has had an impact on this SSC examination center and the examinees on the border of the country. A mortar shell landed next to this school on Tuesday morning. It has created panic. In this situation there is apprehension about the proper completion of the examination.

Locals say that the mortar shell has landed about one kilometer inside Bangladesh. There was a large gathering of people. However, no one was injured as it fell in an empty space. However, the SSC candidates are in a panic. They are unable to concentrate on their studies due to fear.

The SSC candidates of Ghumdhum High School are worried about staying and traveling safely at home. However, the school authorities say that measures are being taken for their safety.

Mohammad Shahjahan, assistant principal of Ghumdhum High School, said, “We are taking measures along with the school committee to ensure that the examinees do not face any problem.”

In this situation, the district administration wants to shift the center to two primary schools in different places. A letter has been sent to the Ministry of Education for this.

Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban Shah Mojahid Uddin said, ‘Government primary school is considered as an alternative way to establish as a center. I have informed the higher authorities that I will run the government primary school as a center for the examination. Approval in this regard requires the approval of Primary and Mass Education. So their attention has been drawn.’

Although the examination center has been changed, there is a separate concern about the students of Tambru, Konarpara and Jalpaitli. It is said that there is no security of residence and travel in their homes. However, the teachers said that separate arrangements are being made for these candidates.

This year’s SSC exam will start from the Bangla first paper on February 15. It will end on March 12. In 2022, there was also a border clash during the SSC examination. At that time the center was shifted to Kutupalong High School.


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