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Sri Lanka was released after 99 days

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It is not that Sri Lanka has suffered a huge loss due to the ICC ban. All forms of cricket are going well, with only Sri Lanka losing the right to host the ongoing U-19 World Cup.

The ban was mainly seen as a warning from the ICC to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is alert, ICC is also happy. Finally, after 99 days, ICC has lifted the conditional ban of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC). The global governing body of cricket has made a statement about this on Sunday.

On November 10, the ICC imposed a conditional ban on Sri Lanka for ‘serious violations of its obligations as a member of the ICC’. What was the Sri Lankan board’s crime? Originally, in the eyes of the ICC, the responsibility was not with the Lankan board, but with the country’s sports ministry.

Sri Lankan Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe at that time dismissed the board of the SLC and entrusted the management of the board to an interim committee headed by legendary World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga. However, the country’s court brought back the old board with a 14-day suspension on the sports minister’s order a day later.

But the interference of the government of that country in the board of a member country is not well accepted by the ICC, so the ban came from the ICC. However, by the time the ban came, the old members of the board had been reinstated by the order of the court.

Although cricket website Cricinfo reported at the time, it was the board that had initially been sacked at the behest of the sports minister who requested the ICC to issue the ban, so that the administration would understand the impact of the interference in the SLC. Zimbabwe was also banned by the ICC in 2019.

But after monitoring the activities of the SLC since then, the ICC is now satisfied that the control of the SLC remains in the hands of the elected board.

The only visible loss for the Sri Lankan board in the banning and lifting of the ban is not being able to host the U-19 World Cup in their home country, which is now being held in South Africa. Apart from this, there was no hindrance to Sri Lanka’s national team playing, nor was there any hindrance to hosting a bilateral series at home – Sri Lanka also played a white-ball series against Zimbabwe earlier this month. There were some restrictions on disbursement of ICC funds, now that the ban has been lifted, that complication is being resolved.


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