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Speaking of illness leave, catch the flight to the boss!

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Taking time off from work due to illness is a common occurrence. However, there are many employees who take sick leave and travel. However, when he met someone from the office at that time, he got into trouble. And if that person is the boss of the office, then you have to fall in great danger.

This happened to an Australian woman recently. Leila Soares took leave from the office citing illness. He was going to another place by flight that day. He met his office boss on the same flight!

According to Indian media NDTV, the woman recently shared a video of the incident on social media. It can be seen that he is making video inside the plane. Zoom in on a person in that video. And he wrote in the caption, taking leave and meeting the boss on the same flight because of illness.

From the video, it seems that the boss did not see the worker. However, the woman did not say whether they met later.

Many have given mixed reactions after seeing this video. One of them says, ‘This happened to me too. I took leave due to illness. After going to the shopping mall and paying the bill, the boss asked from the side, what did you buy?’

Another said he took the day off to go to the casino citing illness. His boss welcomed him there with a wave of his hand.


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