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South Korea passes law to ban sale of dog meat

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South Korea has passed a law banning the sale of dog meat. This law was passed by the parliament on Tuesday local time. The law aims to end the slaughter and sale of dogs in the country by 2027. It is expected to end the centuries-old practice of eating dog meat in South Korea.

According to the BBC, the new law will ban the breeding or slaughter of dogs for food. Distribution or sale of dog meat shall be prohibited. Even those who are found guilty under the law will be jailed.

This law is mainly aimed at dog breeders or sellers. Violation of the law carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine. But eating dog meat will not be illegal.

According to government statistics, there are about 1,150 dog farms and about 1,600 restaurants in South Korea that sell food made from dog meat.

Koreans’ practice of eating dog meat has been criticized in various countries for cruelty. Even within South Korea, sentiment against eating dog meat is growing, especially among the country’s younger generation.

In addition, the current president of South Korea Yoon Suk Yeol and the first lady Kim Keon Hee are known as animal lovers. The couple has six dogs. First Lady Kim has been calling for an end to the practice of eating dogs.

Meanwhile, animal rights organizations have welcomed the news of the passing of the law banning the sale of dog meat. However, the country’s dog breeders and those involved in the dog selling business protested. However, farm owners, dog meat restaurants and other dog business operators will be given three years to close or change their businesses. At this time the local government will help those traders or owners to transfer to other businesses.


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