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Soumya does not stay with him when someone talks about cricket

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Criticism is always about him. Whether that criticism is justified or unjustified can be debated, but there is no debate about the reasons for criticism of Soumya Sarkar. Showing many promises at one time Soumya is still trying to fulfill the promise even at the age of 31.

Success in that effort comes in time. As it came in the second ODI of the series against New Zealand today! Despite Soumya’s extraordinary innings of 169 runs on Nelson’s batting-supporting pitch, Bangladesh managed to score only 291 runs, New Zealand crossed it with 7 wickets in hand.

Soumya is supposed to come to the press conference after such an innings. came too Trying to be positive again and again, following the process – the theoretical phrases were in Soumya’s voice. While talking about trying to stay positive, Soumya said that if someone around her talks about cricket, Soumya is often not there.

With the way her career has progressed, it’s hard for Soumya to stay positive. Despite not doing anything extraordinary in domestic cricket, many times there is a debate about his getting a chance in the Bangladesh team. After that, when Soumya failed in the national team jersey, the arrows of criticism came from all sides.

Soumya wants to distance herself from this criticism and negative talk. That’s what she does to stay positive, and in doing so, it sometimes happens that even when someone talks about cricket, Soumya is not there.

While explaining how she kept herself away from criticism, Soumya said, ‘I used to watch (news of criticism earlier). To tell you the truth, I have not received any news on my phone for the past one year. It also happened that if a Facebook friend or others talk about cricket, I don’t stay with him. I stay with the one who talks positive. I think about positive things.’

Soumya said that she should focus more on cricket to keep herself going during bad times, ‘There will be bad (times), but if it gets bad, I will not be able to leave cricket. As a cricketer, came this far for cricket. Working hard for cricket.’

If you play badly, you will get criticism, if you play well, you will get praise. Having spent almost 9 years in international cricket, Soumya has no reason not to know that. For this reason or not, Soumya does not think about these things anymore. Rather, trying to find the good in what is happening, his voice said, ‘If it’s bad… everyone goes through bad (times), then it feels bad. But if you do well, you might not hear the words today. To get something, something has to be given, maybe that’s why. The creator is satisfied with what he has given. Be it zero or today’s 169.’


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