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‘Song Zone’ releases new songs every week

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Song Zone started its journey with the aim of creating a new language of music and working with young artistes. Their official journey began with a mashup content on Mahan Vijay Divas (December 16). This music platform debuted with a goal of releasing one new song every week. Not only that, they will appear with new song sessions and concerts.

On the eve of the journey, Song Zone released 10 songs in tribute to legendary artists. Their official journey started with the release of Dwijendralal Roy’s song ‘Emn Deshti Kei Tehpabe Nako Tumi’ on the last Victory Day.

Savyata, Innima, Akash Gayen, Naeem Mahmood, Dopamine Rabbi, Mastani Fakfka and Zaheen Rashid have sung the opening song to present it in a different way to the youth. Anup Aich and Muiz Mahfuz penned the lyrics to unite the young generation with the patriotic song.

With the motto ‘Versatility is the Pure Unity’, Song Zone envisages a mixed playlist of different people, on this platform Baul, Ghazal, Kirtan, Blues, Rap, Country – all types of music will come together in one centre. Only then will the purest unity be found.

Anup Aich, Creative Producer, Song Zone, said, ‘Song was a powerful weapon to wrest victory in ’71. A pure unity was created through various movements. As a result the country won. Inspired by the power of music, we want to present new and diverse creations to the audience. Coming with our first session next February.’

Executive producers Sami Rahman, Noor Zaman Raja, Loba Ahmed and creative producer Anup Aich took the initiative to create this new platform of music. Also, there is Zahin Rashid as music producer, sound engineer and Muyiz Mahfuz as coordinator.

This new studio has state-of-the-art equipment, quality instruments and a large team. Song Zone’s journey on social media began in the middle of last October.


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