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Some wrote novels, some poetry, some prose

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Abul Hayat
Ekushey medalist actor Abul Hayat is also active in writing. His new book has arrived at this year’s book fair. The name is ‘insult’. The book can be found in Priya Bangla Publications.

Tanji’s insult
Tanjir Tuhin, the vocalist of the band ‘Avas’, appeared as the storyteller for the first time. His story book ‘Ahat Kok Kaho’ was published in the book fair. Cover by Parag Wahid. This is revealed by Legendary Publications.

Shanarei Devi Shanu
Actress Shanarei Devi Shanu’s two books have arrived at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair. One is a novel titled ‘Strange Blue Illusion’, the other is a book of poetry titled ‘The Scent of Miraculous Words’. The novel is published by Ananya Prakashani and the poetry book is published by Ajab Prakash.

Nurul Alam Atiq
In this year’s book fair, the poetry book ‘Manusher Bagan’ by producer Nurul Alam Atiq is being published. He also directed a movie with the same name. It is currently awaiting release. And the poetry book will be available in Saghati Prakashan.

Shafin Ahmed
‘Miles’ famous musician Shafin Ahmed’s autobiographical book has arrived at the book fair. It is written by Sajjad Hussain about his life story. The name of the book is ‘Pathikar’. This is revealed from the printing press.

Actress Ashna Habib Bhavna’s new novel ‘Kajer Mey’. Anisuzzaman Sohel has done the cover of the book. It is published by Meezan Publishers.

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Farzana photo
Actress Farzana is debuting as a writer for the first time. His novel ‘Jalchhabi’ is being published by Mizan Publishers.

Joy Shahriar
‘Sanjeevnama’ is a memoir about the late musician Sanjib Chowdhury. Compiled and edited by musician Joy Shahriar. Cover by Sanjeeb Chowdhury Tanaya Kingbadanti Chowdhury. It was published by Ajab Prakash.

Masood Pathik
This year’s fair includes three books of poems by producer Masud Pathik. Chashar Pachaal, Real Creation’s ‘Selected Poems’ and ‘Grain Fallacies’ have been published by Jagatik Publications.

Aranya Anwar
Film director Aranya Anwar’s new novel ‘Jal Jochnae Amabasya’. It will be available from day one at the book fair at Meezan Publishers.

Junaid Ivan
‘Ashes’ band vocalist Junaid Evan’s new book ‘Amar Gan O Kuk Katha’. Singer calls the book an essay autobiography. U Publication is publishing it. Before this, three books of his writing named ‘Sheh’, ‘Nikatbarti Izal’ and ‘Anyamansk’ have been published.

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Like last year, this year’s book fair is also coming to the new book of singer Sajia Sultana Putul. His new novel is called ‘Kalo Golap Vartan’. It is being published by Ananya Publications.

Tanveer Tarek
Music director and journalist Tanveer Tarek’s story book ‘Last Trip’ is being published under the banner of Andaprakash. This is his 15th novel. The introduction of the book is written by the fiction writer Lutfar Rahman Riton.

Lutfar Hasan
Songwriter and musician Lutfar Hasan’s new novel has arrived at the book fair. The name is ‘February 5’. The book is published from another publication. Cover by Sadit.

Zillur Rahman Sohag
From Chandrabindu Prakashan comes the new story book of Zillur Rahman Sohag, the performing vocalist of the band ‘Shahartali’. The name is ‘Mid-Sunday Zero’.

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Apart from this, the popular books of several stars published in the past are also present in this book fair. Actor Farooq Ahmed’s ‘Smriti Humayun Ahmed’ will be available in Legenda Publications and his ‘Bhanga Chashma’ will be available in Saptarshi Publications. Musician Panth Kanai’s self-development book ‘Aami Mukti Cheychey’ will be published by Legenda Publications. Football legend Diego Maradona’s autobiography translated by lyricist Sheikh Rana will be available at Barshadupur Prakashani’s stall. Actress Vidya Sinha Mim’s novel ‘Purnta’ is published by Shabadshilp.


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