Home News Some cities in the United States are going to put residents at risk

Some cities in the United States are going to put residents at risk

by Afonso
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Little by little, the cities on the east coast of the United States are going to. According to a study, land is losing 2 millimeters per year due to building construction and natural processes. Due to this, the risk of flooding in these cities is increasing. It is also feared that cities may become uninhabitable.

The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academics of Sciences.

The study highlights how this disaster will affect New York City, Baltimore, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. These cities have already become flood prone. And it is feared that the incident of giving land will increase the danger in the coming days.

Although the city’s demise is slow, researchers say the effects are real and could threaten the future of those regions. And policymakers and residents will have to play an active role in tackling this growing problem.

Manushehar Shirzai, a professor and researcher at Virginia Tech, said, “We are seeing 2 millimeters of land loss every year.” 2 million people and 8 million structures may be affected. We know that some land is going to give away. We have shown through this study that this threat is not unrealistic. It will hurt you, me and everyone slowly.


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