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So far my emotions have worked, conscience has not: Apu Biswas

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Actress Apu Biswas gave a suggestive post on social media at midnight. Where he shot an arrow at someone in three words. Apu fans have become very curious about it.

Apu Biswas gave a status on his Facebook wall at 1:06 pm on Wednesday (December 13). He mentioned three points there. In the first point, he writes, ‘I am in great danger as a human being surrounded by all the angels!’ Second point—’So long my emotions have worked but conscience has not’ and third point—’The script is very weak’.

Rumors have been going on for a long time that film stars Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas are going to get back together after their divorce. Even these two stars were seen together with their children on the streets of the United States. But Shakib’s other wife, Bubli, has already become a mystery. Sometimes they engage in rhetorical arguments with suggestive words.

In the comments section of the status, many people are asking Apu to know what happened? One of them wrote, ‘Seeing the possibility of something new happening again’.

Incidentally, Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas got married secretly in 2008. Then on September 27, 2016, their son Abram Khan Joy was born. After this, the couple broke up with their son Joy.

Meanwhile, after breaking up with Apu, Shakib married actress Bubli. They also have a son at home. Now Shakib and Bubli are living separately. There are speculations that they have separated.


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