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Snail found in food ordered online

by Afonso
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Many people witness different experiences by ordering food online. Sometimes dead lizard in biryani and sometimes dead cockroach in fried rice. But recently, a person in Bangalore, India had a completely different experience. Food ordered online found presence of snails.

According to the Indian media NDTV, a man from Bangalore found a snail after ordering food from the food delivery app Swiggy. He shared the video of the meal on social media X (formerly Twitter). It can be seen that a small snail is moving.

The victim named Dhabal Singh shared the video to ensure that such an incident does not happen to another customer. Online food delivery company Swiggy also apologized in response to his tweet.

According to Dhabal Singh, a salad ordered from local restaurant chain ‘Leon’s Grill’ found a giant snail on top of the vegetables. When he opened the food box, he saw it. Sharing the video, Dhabal wrote, ‘I will never order from Leon Grill again. And to Swiggy, I hope you’ll be careful to make sure this doesn’t happen to others.’ But not only the snails in the food, the person also said that his drink order was wrong.

The video went viral instantly after being shared on social media. Netizens commented about their various experiences. And as soon as this video went viral, the online delivery app Swiggy was shaken. The company also informed that the entire order amount has been returned to the buyer.


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