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Six Artists’ ‘Money Pain’

by Afonso
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Popular six folk singers gave voice to a song in a different arrangement. Kamruzzaman Rabbi, Raju Mondal, Ashok Bala, Avinash Baul, Purna Milan and Baul Farooq have given their voices to this song titled ‘Takar Thanja’ with lyrics and music by Baul Akaid.

‘I can’t live, sir, I can’t live / I can’t find peace anywhere with an empty pocket / If I go right, it takes money / If I go left, it takes money / Pain of money everywhere, front and back / I can’t move in this world without money, sir’ Baul Akaid, the lyricist and composer of the song, claimed by talking about his own life.

He said, ‘We are Baul people. music man Wealth and money do not happen in no time. One has to bear the pain of money for life. The song is made from that idea.’

Incidentally, Takka Panjah was released under the banner of production company Lionic Folk Station.


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