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‘Sinpat’ started today in the markets

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Even those who acted this time are not familiar faces. But one or two people were seen in ‘Shatikaup’. This year there are more than hundred performers. I am talking about ‘Sinpat’. This original series of streaming platform Charki is releasing this Thursday at 8 pm.

Young director Mohammad Tawkeer Islam caught everyone’s attention after the production of Shatikap. He received several national and international awards for this series. Now sitting in Rajshahi, he has made another series with his friends and acquaintances. The 163-minute synopsis of the crime thriller genre is made with local and authentic stories.

In the story, Sohail is a low class criminal. He is involved in various crimes including drug trade, robbery, robbery. Driven out of his area, Tala Khola expert Faju moves to a new city. Crime does not leave them behind even when they go there. Duru, a drug dealer in the area, is associated with it. Meanwhile, journalist Habibul Bashar arrived here in search of their previous crime. Sinpat starts from all sides.

Sohail Sheikh, Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik, Jinnat Ara and Shibli Noman played the roles of Sohail, Faju, Duru, Habibul Basha. Apart from this, Pranab Ghosh, Tanzina Rahman Tasnim, Raju Ahmed, Mustafa Shahriar Rahman, Rabbani Apu, Mainuddin Manu, Munsif Mim, Zahid Milton, Humaira Snigdha, Zilhaj, Shahdat Shitu, Imran Ahmed Roman, Arundhati Mukherjee, Umme Habiba and many others are in various roles.

Produced by Mohammad Tawkeer Islam.  Photo: Charki

Like Shatikup, the producer Taoqir has worked with all local actors in this series. He said, ‘The experience of working with new people is from childhood. New techniques can be learned by working with new people. There are also new experiences. Apart from this, our main cast this time who is completely new. It took some time to get him in shape.’

The creator of the question why the name of the series is Sinpat said, ‘We have thought a lot about what the name of the series will be. Many names initially came to mind. Suddenly one day the name Sinpat came forward. It basically comes from our protagonist Sohail bhai. This word is a local word of Pabna Nagarbari. That reflects our work.’

Shatikap and Sinpat are two different things. So both will be different. And the audience will tell where the original is different’ – said the director.

Another scene from the series.  Photo: Charki

Apart from the director, Omar Masum, Mainul Islam Milan, Amit Rudra and Khalid Saifullah Saif were involved in writing the story of the series. Edited by Dialogue Bhowmik. Color grading done by Amit Kumar Anirban Dutt. Background score is by Calcutta music director Navarun Bose. Sound design was by Adeep Singh Manki. Sathi Akhtar handled the costume work single-handedly. Art direction given by Amit Rudra.

Redwan Roni, CEO and creator of Charki, said, ‘Charki is always working to deliver local content globally. We are starting this year with a great series. I believe Sinpat will be another popular series after Shatikup.’


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