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Singer Avanti Sinthi got married

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Singer Avanti Sinthi is married. Husband Amit De lives in London and works in a private company there.

Avanti’s wedding ceremony was completed yesterday (December 15) at a convention center in Mirpur, Dhaka. It was attended by people close to the singer and close friends of the two families.

Avanti Sinthi, a girl from Jamalpur, became known by participating in the reality show ‘Saregamapa’ aired on Kolkata’s TV channel Zee Bangla. Before that, he was able to create a separate identity by singing on YouTube. In addition to singing, Avanti impressed by playing whistles and playing with instruments. Received the title of ‘daughter’.

Avanti said about her introduction to her husband Amit, ‘Even though the introduction was through music, the matter of marriage has progressed in the family. We got the chance to know ourselves more. Amit’s thinking impressed me. He is a music man even if he works. I wanted such a man as my life partner.

Amit De lives in London but his ancestral home is Sylhet. On the other hand, Avanti Agagora is a man of music. In 2006, Sevabar entered the ‘Closeup One’ competition but could not go very far. In 2012, he placed in the top ten in the same competition. However, Avanti Sinthi rose to fame by participating in the music reality show ‘Saregamapa’ on Zee Bangla television in West Bengal, India.


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