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Simple Grameenphone from Tk 30 minimum recharge decision

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Grameenphone, the country’s top mobile operator, has withdrawn from the decision to make the minimum recharge limit Tk 30. The company’s customers can recharge a minimum of 20 rupees as before. Grameenphone Head of Communications Sharfuddin Ahmed Chowdhury confirmed this information.

He said, we are not implementing it now. This will be discussed with BTRC. We will take further decisions based on that discussion.’

It should be noted here that we have considered the minimum balance recharge of Tk 30, but for the convenience of our customers, we currently have various recharge options such as Tk 14, Tk 19 and Tk 29 recharge minute packs, Tk 20 balance recharge card, 14 Tk and Tk 19 minutes and data card, Tk 29 data card; While the minimum balance recharge is Rs 30, customers could use these other options.’

Yesterday, Grameenphone sent a small message to its customers on Tuesday. It is said that from January 10, the minimum amount of recharge will be 30 taka. After that debate started on social media. comes

Facebook one user writes, no more than one recharge. Let’s boycott Grameenphone. I use teletalk, keep the country’s money in the country.

Another user writes, 30 taka is little for them, but 30 taka is one for thousands of hardworking people of this country.
Evening news bill.


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