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Simon’s resignation caused an uproar in the artists’ association

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Actor Simon Sadiq resigned from the post of co-general secretary of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. On Saturday (January 20), the famous ‘Poraman’ actor resigned by writing a letter to the president of the association. He has taken this decision because of some differences of opinion in the film artists’ association in recent times. The resignation of this actor is mainly due to the conflict in the release of the film. Since then various discussions and criticisms are going on in the association.

On January 19, Simon Sadiq starrer ‘Shesh Baaji’ was released. Pari Mani and DA Taib’s ‘Paper Wife’ hit the theaters on the same day. On the other hand, West Bengal’s ‘Hubba’ starring Musharraf Karim, imported under the SAFTA agreement, has also been released. Simon could not accept this.

He said, ‘Our film has suffered because another foreign film was released on the same day as two domestic films without following the rules. Domestic films are in crisis as imported films are available in most of the country’s halls. Disappointingly, our association is silent on this. I am surprised that under the guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, when we are trying to be self-reliant in all fields, the film industry is constantly becoming interdependent.’

However, Ilyas Kanchan, the president of Shilpi Samiti, raised questions about Simon’s resignation. He commented, ‘Simon is also an important leader of this committee. The issues he talked about, he never sat in the committee meeting! Never presented. Why did he come at the last minute and say these words?’

He also said, ‘I think that he has suddenly become a protester because his film was released along with an imported film. If not, why didn’t he speak about it earlier. He is also an important leader, why was he inactive!’

Meanwhile, Nipun, the general secretary of Shilpi Samiti, could not accept Simon’s decision. He said, ‘Simon’s complaint is not correct. There is nothing stopping us from releasing Hubba. The figure came through the SAFTA agreement, not the import policy. And the SAFTA agreement is between the Ministry of Commerce and the Producer Association. Still, when I heard that Hubba was going to release with two desi films, we called an emergency meeting of 19 organizations. Kanchan Bhai prevented the release of Hubba. Abdul Aziz of Jazz Multimedia did not believe that. He released the film with a lot of muscle power. But the producer association has expressed anger about it. The former president of the association and convener of 19 organizations Khorshed Alam Khosru is going to unanimously decide to suspend the membership of Abdul Aziz’s producer association. So Simon suddenly wants to resign why? It is at the behest of someone else!’

Khorshed Alam Khosru.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

Based on actress Nipun’s words, producer leader Khorshed Alam Khosru was contacted. He said, ‘We 19 organizations have already written to the Producers’ Association. I have also called an urgent meeting. Jazz Multimedia executives will also be called in that meeting. It will be asked how he released the film without the permission of the producers’ association. Failure to get a satisfactory answer will definitely result in a decision being taken against him. We have always fought for desi films. Will do in the future. There is nothing to trouble anyone about.’


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